We are a family. The little one (yes, because she is also part of this), he and me. Lovers of nature, the mountains, Scotland, trekking through Iceland and kayaking through Greenland, ... you see, very normal.

After a complicated season in which nothing seemed to go well, I decide that if I want something to change in my life the first change must be in me, and that the moment has begun to take care of me but really, from within.

This is how step by step we start at home to get interested in food, the real one, the one that nourishes you and not only takes away your hunger, also making us aware of the importance not only of the product, but of the origin.

If we want to take care of ourselves, take care of our daughter and take care of the nature that we love so much, how about we launch and help more people to take care of themselves?

So here we are, ready to launch into a new adventure, we want to return someday to Greenland, with our daughter, and to see ice, not the green meadows that begin to appear.

We are going to offer you the best organic products and we hope you like them as much as we do. And remember that by consuming organic you take care of yourself and take care of the planet.